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Why You Should Hire A Cosplayer to Photograph Your Cosplay


When you’ve finished putting the finishing touches on your cosplay that is the result of months of hard work, what’s next?


Being proud of the work you’ve created feels so good! You may be thinking of hiring a photographer to document your cosplay to really do it justice. After all, commemorating a stunning Sailor Jupiter cosplay or a totally badass Vegeta cosplay starring you as the main character is an incredible way to show off your cosplay skills. But not all photographers are created equal.


When searching for a photographer, it’s important to choose one who has experience photographing your photo shoot idea or event. And what better way to know that someone is experienced in cosplay photography than to hire someone with a cosplay background?!


Here are some tips on why you should hire a cosplayer to photograph your cosplay: to make sure that your work is shown in the best light, literally and figuratively

HA Anastasia Details 01 by SilverFyreStudio.jpg

Cosplayers Know The Time And Effort That Goes Into Creating A Costume!

I have created over 92 cosplays. Yes, you read that right…92! Each one of my cosplays has a special story behind it. Sometimes I make cosplays because I can relate to the character, and other times my cosplays come from being drawn to a character’s aesthetic. Some of my favorite cosplays have been Disney-based, such as Ariel and Cinderella, Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon, and Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

A costume detail shot from a cosplay photo shoot.

Crafting costumes for characters brings me such joy, and I know how rewarding it is to sew on that final button or glue that last piece. Because of this, I bring attention to detail to every fantasy and cosplay shoot of mine. It’s important to me, because it is important to you! 

Cosplayer: Mysti Nin Studio at the Lan Su Chinese Garden photo-shoot event.

I Research Your Cosplay To Accurately Tell The Story

Researching a character before a shoot is something I always do! For one, if it’s a character I am unfamiliar with, being able to become more familiar with them allows me to do justice to your cosplay (plus, I may just discover my new favorite anime or video game this way!). 


Knowing the character and their poses allows me to direct you with confidence for the both of us. I’ll save some screenshots to my phone so I can reference during a shoot and show you to try to mimic the character and really get the feel for them. When I direct people, I do a lot of vocal direction and mirroring. This is because personal space is sacred, and no one shouldn’t ever have to touch anyone in order to get them into a specific pose! I always want to work with what you’re comfortable with. My motto is: “always ask”!

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned: And That’s Okay

With cosplays, I’m always paying close attention to the outfit as a whole behind the lens. This is to make sure everything is in its right place!


Being a cosplayer myself, I understand that things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes a costume piece doesn’t stay as it should, no need to apologize! We can often be at the mercy of Worbla, Spandex, and EVA foam. And while most cosplay costumes are made to be worn, sometimes posing and wearing a costume for a while during a photo shoot means that pieces can start to come unglued (more on this later). No matter what, we can make it work - setting pieces back in place, giving yourself a break, etc.


This is your time to show off your amazing design, and I’m going to do my best to make that happen in a space that is safe, empowering, and intuitive.

Cosplayer: RennaCosplay cosplaying as Caduceus Clay from Critical Role during a surprise snow storm.


Cosplayers Know How To Be Prepared

Can your photographer do this? Maybe, but would your photographer KNOW what kinds of preparations should go into working with certain costumes, masks, outfits, and armor?

I carry a variety of safety pins, bobby pins, fruit snacks, and a water bottle with my photography equipment! If an element of your costume just isn’t playing nice, my diverse collection of safety pins has got you. Blood sugar getting low from performing high-energy poses while not eating all day (especially as far as corsets are concerned)? 

Cosplayer: Alabaman Ace in his FFVII Cloud Strife.

It’s unfortunately easy to become overheated with certain costumes, and sometimes you don’t realize you’re hungry! Remember our talk about a space during your photo session that feels intuitive, safe, and empowering? Let’s take that up a notch by having a cosplayer photograph your cosplay: chances are, I’ve been in your shoes and know that a little dose of gummy snacks and some hydration works wonders.


I love photography, and I love cosplay. Being able to document your cosplay is such an honor, and having experience both in front of and behind the camera means that when you work with a photographer who is also into cosplay, you are getting an extra boost of experience in a situation where it counts.

Cosplayer: Sutie in a Sailor Jupiter cosplay.

Photo by: Doors of Imagination

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