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Sutie began her love of cosplay and photography as a child when she started with an SLR 35mm film camera. Mostly working in black and white, Sutie would get her friends to help her put together elaborate settings and photograph them in period costuming such as the time they moved her four-poster bed into the park and had a pillow fight in period sleepwear. These initial setups would fuel her desire to create more elaborate and beautiful photography as she grew older. 

Black and white cemetary in Utah
Sutie Cosplay 2010

Sutie cosplaying as Sakura from Tsubasa, self-made costume, 2010

Sutie's Friends,

a Cemetery in Utah, Black and White 35mm film, 2006

An avid anime fan, this desire to create costuming began at the age of 12 when she asked her parents for a sewing machine which was the first step towards a lifelong obsession to create more and more beautiful cosplays and photograph her own personal visions. This obsession only grew as she dipped her toes into the cosplay community in 2008, which propelled her forward to when she reached the age of 20 and went to her first anime convention, SakuraCon in the year 2010. This event led to her jumping headfirst into the cosplay community and eventually designing at least 100 different cosplays over the years, gaining valuable skills that would stick with her all the way to the present day. 

Sutie sees every photography session she undertakes as a chance to learn something new that she can take with her into the future. Every press of the shutter button is the opportunity to see the world in a new way and every model provides the chance to learn a new skill or fact that will shape future photoshoots. 


When it comes to photography, the mantra that plays in her mind is that she is capturing magic; a moment in history that can never be replicated. A solitary moment that will never be repeated and her goal is to always keep in mind that she’s preserving a person in history and capturing their unique presence in the world that no one else possesses. 

Fantasy Ballerina Black Girl

With a decade of experience at both conventions and on location, Sutie has photographed models in some of the most unique and beautiful locations the United States has to offer including rustic castles and century-old mansions. Slowly building up her credentials, Sutie’s photographs have been featured in local and national publications including Sheer Madness of Costuming, Gold edition 2018, Critical Role cosplay feature 2020, Cover of Dreamy Magazine issue 208, Back Cover of TSYM Magazine Holiday edition 2020, Cosplay Realm Magazine January 2021 and February 2021.

Dreamy Magazine Cover

Ballerina Delilah Williams, 2020

Dreamy Magazine issue 208 cover

It is my sincere hope to convey the wonder of watching Sutie work on her passion projects and share stories of her trials and quest to chase forever after the elusive ‘perfect photograph’; a feat which is easy to say but impossible to ever achieve. This doesn’t dissuade her though as her drive to succeed is only rivaled by the depth of her creative passions.

Sutie Fantasy Photographer

Sutie with her camera shooting another Fantasy session

Greetings and Salutations, Gentle Souls!


Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many blog posts here on Silver Fyre Studios. My name is L.B. and for over a dozen years now I’ve been a scribe and a herald, but today I am here in a different capacity. I am the official personal bard for everyone’s favorite fantasy photographer, Sutie. I’ve had the personal honor of being friends with Sutie for over a dozen years now, and over those years I’ve grown to refer to her as one of my best friends. 

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