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How to Start Your Fantasy Photo Session


You want a Fantasy Photo Session but have no idea of how to go about it or even what exactly you want.

I’ll take you through a series of questions to help narrow down the theme of your shoot.

We’ll start off with the basics.

Dark or Light

This can set the mood and tone of your session. When choosing dark or light, it doesn’t necessarily mean that needs to be the physical traits of the shoot but rather the feeling you get going through the gallery of all of the images. It can also relate to a characteristic trait you can channel for your session. 

Are you the villan or hero?

Wonder Woman with Blossoms

Cosplayer: Athena Cosplay in Wonder Woman wanting to show a strong yet soft side of the character.

Let’s set a goal

What is the goal of your photo shoot? Is it to escape reality for a bit and get a taste of what it is like to live a magical life? Or do you want to feel more confidant about yourself? Is the photo session a gift to yourself? No matter the goal, you put a sword in someone’s hands everything changes! It’s literally my secret weapon. Suddenly you have the power in the situation. You know it looks badass. And it’s usually something exciting for people to experience. I’ve never seen someone not smile when I hand them a sword. It’s quite literally a +5 charisma.

When a goal is decided, it will give you something to focus towards. If it is for a fantasy escape then I may suggest that we create a creature or character to portray for your session. Or a role that you don’t normally play.

If your goal is self care and wanting to feel special in a magical way, we can keep you as you but still transport you to a unique fantasy experience. It may involve exploring a castle in a whimsy dress. Maybe dawning armor and reading a book in a garden. The limits are only bound by your imagination.

Model: Kaytlin Tingey during a fantasy session at the sand dunes posing with a sword.

Telling a Story

Whenever I do a photo session, I try to tell a story. The story can be anything you want it to be. You can create a character or creature you are portraying or even tell a personal life experience. The choices are endless.

What to do during the photo shoot

A lot of clients worry about posing when it comes time for their photo session whether a Fantasy session or Cosplay. I tend to give a lot of direction when it’s needed during a photo shoot. Sometimes it is verbally such as “point your nose a little more to the left.” And sometimes I will mirror what pose I’d like them to do. For example, sit on a rock and strike the pose while describing what I am doing then, let them try. I always strive to help you look your best!

Dark Poet

Model Harli Kane expressing connection with Edger Allen Poe's work.

Working With Silver Fyre Studio

There are endless possibilities when it comes when working with me and Silver Fyre Studio. Creating your costumes and how to tell that story inspires a whole community of dreamers.
As a cosplay photographer and fantasy photographer, it’s amazing to watch someone light up when experiencing the excitement of seeing what they envisioned in their head actually come to life.
Don't wait, get out there and make magic!

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