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My Approach to Cosplay Photography and Fantasy Photography


Cosplay photography and fantasy photography is a specific genre of art that deserves its own special consideration. When researching a photographer to document your cosplay and bring your vision to life, how do you choose?
Let’s dive into what makes my approach to your cosplay photo shoot different, and how I am the most happy when I am able to best serve you. Your gorgeous costumes and visions deserve to be shown to the world - here’s just how we can make it happen at Silver Fyre Studio!


Cosplayer: Bella LeBaron with the concept of Persephone Returns to Winter

Coming Up With The Concept Of Your Cosplay Photo Shoot

When I first get contacted by a potential client to book a photo shoot, sometimes they aren’t
entirely sure about what they want! I’m here to tell you that there is
nothing wrong with that.
Let’s find out what your vision entails: together!

I have a series of questions that I go through with you, which boils down to “what story do you want to tell?” We figure this out by determining what mood or feeling you want to convey. What do you want to show to the world, and what do you want to BE overall?

We go over a few things so that I can put together an inspiration board, and I encourage others to do the same! If you don’t know how or are unsure of what exactly you’re looking for, I would love to create an inspiration board off of any idea you present to me. Presenting your idea could even be as simple as wanting to tell the story of an original character! I’ve literally had someone send me their DnD character sheet with a little blurb of their story to serve as inspiration for their cosplay photo shoot.

Model: Stefanie in Iceland among the Lupine with a gown in matching colors

Ideas For Your Cosplay Or Fantasy Photo Shoot

I have Pinterest boards full of concepts that I haven’t had a chance to shoot yet, so if you are
someone who wants the experience of a fantasy photo session but is unsure of what
you want,
I‘ve got you. My Pinterest is chock full of ideas that you can reference for your own cosplay
photo shoot or fantasy shoot!


Think of the things that you, yourself, are passionate about. Are you a big history buff? Would it
be cool for you personally to be able to portray yourself in your favorite era?
Are you passionate about classical music? If you have a favorite animal, I have some
connections and may be able to get you connected with your favorite animal. I literally have a
zebra person! Nothing is off limits or too outlandish. This is fantasy we are talking about, after
all! Now let’s bring it to reality.


Cosplayer: VFire in Shadow of Colossus cosplay

Your Fantasy Photo Shoot: Come To Life!

People get to experience something different from everyday life when they book a fantasy
Once I get a good understanding of what is needed for the shoot, I will research locations,
because doing on-location shoots is a ton of fun. There is something special about immersing a
client into the environment versus a studio!
You tell me “castle”, I’m going to ask “what type?” Cinderella castle, or castle ruins? We can
brainstorm and I will let you in on all of the locations that I’ve scouted. My goal is to convey
exactly what you have in mind, so my questions will help draw that out during our collaboration.

The end result is always worth it and hard earned, but I love being able to give these
experiences to people. I’ve had people message me years later “I just got to talk to this game music composer from the game we did a photoshoot from and I showed the photos to them and they loved it! It was such a cool experience!” That is everything!
Your cosplay photo shoot can provide more than just photos, it can also hold a lot of value. It’s important for me to ask the questions that I do before a shoot to make sure that I can help you tell the story that you are trying to portray. 
If you want to reference others’ work to send those along to me, I’m always happy to take a look. If the style of photography is a bit different than mine, no worries! I have a network of other photographers that I can recommend to you that are more in line with your vision. If you are worried about your ideas or concepts being silly, nerdy or weird, I promise you it isn’t! I can get very nerdy and weird so there is never any judgment.

Cosplayer: Raine Emery with a cottage-core spooky theme photo shoot

Working With Silver Fyre Studio

There are endless possibilities when it comes to working with me and Silver Fyre Studio. As a cosplayer myself, I know the hard work that goes into creating your costumes and how to tell that story. As someone who sees the value in gettin’ nerdy over something, I am here for you!
As a cosplay photographer and fantasy photographer, it’s so much fun to watch someone light 
up when experiencing the excitement of seeing what they envisioned in their head actually come to fruition.
Excited yet? Let’s do this!

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